ISIS Mobile Wallet

    April 11, 2014 2:27 AM by Robert Whitehead


    Wallet apps are becoming increasingly popular, with projections of $90B being spent in the United States via mobile payments in 2017. Many people are transitioning away from physical cards, housing their payment information on their phones.

    One such solution, the Isis Mobile Wallet, allows consumers to connect all of their credit card information to an app, making paying with your NFC-enabled phone simple. Some other benefits that developers can offer consumers with mobile payment apps include:

    • Contact information and payment methods can be uploaded and saved to the app
    • Users are able to tap their phone at check-out for credit card payment capabilities
    • Customer loyalty programs and coupon information are automatically linked when purchases are made

    For more information on the Isis Wallet solution, please visit the Verizon Wireless Isis page for details. To get alerts on new trends in mobile wallet technology and APIs, join the VDC today for exclusive community offers, valuable solutions, community support and the tools designed to help with app building needs.


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    April 4, 2014 2:05 PM by Robert Whitehead


    A growing number of corporations are utilizing webcams to monitor and document job sites on the go with their mobile devices, or even after work hours from their computers at home. EarthCam is a tool used by construction managers that help monitor the advancement of a project when offsite. EarthCam technology also helps construction managers take a private look at the daily progress of a project and receive live information and documentation. The EarthCam makes monitoring effortless from multiple devices saving businesses both time and money.

    By combining Verizon’s powerful 4G LTE network with EarthCam, construction managers can take advantage of the various benefits this software has to offer, including:

    • Monitoring jobsites remotely, saving travel time and expenses
    • Webcam archives, making it possible to retrieve and analyze project data for use in resolving disputes, claims, or court cases easily and economically
    • Transparency and public awareness: show off progress on a themed public website to improve perception and boost public relations

    To learn more about the EarthCam, please download the Verizon Partner Program flyer for more information. To get alerts on new trends in webcam technology and APIs, join the VDC today. Membership to this exclusive community offers valuable solutions, community support and the tools designed to help with app building needs.


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    2013 Data Breach Investigation Report Aides in Cyber Attack Prevention

    March 27, 2014 11:55 AM by Robert Whitehead


    Cyber threats are now the third-biggest worry for CEOs, according to a recent Lloyd’s survey.  Verizon Wireless and the VDC, along with the 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report, can assist developers in preventing and reducing the impact of cyber attacks. Corporations need to be equipped with the right defense for security breaches, and be prepared to face the increasing number of attacks. The 2013 DBIR can provide data and information to help developers build software to prevent such attacks.

    By knowing today’s threats, developers can help diminish the attacks of tomorrow. According to Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR):

    • 37% of breaches affected financial organizations
    • 38% impacted larger corporations
    • 92% of attacks are done by outsiders
    • 52% of attacks were done by some form of hacking

    By utilizing the data from the DBIR and the tools provided by the VDC, developers can create apps and platforms that prevent cyber attacks. To get alerts for more content on cyber attack prevention, join the VDC today and gain access to various API and app solutions.


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    Telogis Provides Location-based Services for Enterprise Fleets and Mobile Workforce Management

    October 8, 2013 11:58 AM by Christina Tsao

    VDC Telogis

    No matter what type of app you’re building, the Verizon Developer Community offers a wide-range of tools and solutions that will help you meet the needs of your end users.

    For instance, VDC member developers who are building automotive-focused solutions can leverage Telogis’s Fleet app, which offers optimized routing, vehicle maintenance reporting, real-time alerts, an enterprise dashboard with full fleet metrics, and hundreds of valuable, data-packed reports. As a result, users can improve their overall fleet operation and management, while reducing accidents and expenditures on labor and fuel.

    In addition, Telogis’s Mobile app connects seamlessly with Fleet, allowing a seamless transfer of the information needed to optimize fleet and mobile workforce management processes.

    By leveraging Fleet and Mobile, developers can build robust, valuable solutions that run on the reliable Verizon 4G LTE network and enable their users to:

    • Optimize fleet management and maintenance.
    • Reduce fuel consumption and insurance costs.  
    • Reduce total fleet costs over time.
    • Improve safety and security through driving feedback metrics.

    To learn more about what else you can do with Telogis’s solutions, as well as other exciting Verizon-facilitated mobile technologies, join the VDC today. Community membership offers access to a wide-range of valuable solutions, community support and troubleshooting tools designed to help you with all of your app building needs. 


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    Verizon Wireless Inspires Classroom Engagement with GoKnow Partnership

    July 8, 2013 9:36 AM by Christina Tsao


    Technology is rapidly changing the way we look at education today. With the introduction of mobile devices to the classroom, many day-to-day challenges are being solved with the touch of a screen. The Verizon Developer Community provides the tools and technology needed for advancements in education, enabling solutions to enhance the classroom experience with an interactive learning process. Through the power of Verizon’s 4G LTE network, GoKnow™ uses its learning environment software to drive student engagement inside and outside of school.


    The GoKnow™ Mobile Learning Environment (MLE) is downloadable across multiple operating systems and enables a continuous digital dialog between students and teachers. Teachers can create lesson plans available to students on their smartphones and tablets. Together, Verizon and GoKnow™ are making strides in the way we look at learning today.


    Verizon partnered with St. Marys School in Ohio, bringing GoKnow™ to the fingertips of students with personalized lesson plans, videos and interactive quizzes, increasing student engagement. Leveraging Verizon’s secure network, the classroom went virtual, fostering discussions and protecting student creativity. With every student having access to his or her own device, it’s an affordable and space saving alternative to a school or home computer.


    The Verizon Developer Community gives developers access to tools, ideas and resources that are needed to improve the education experience. Get the latest information on how Verizon is empowering the use of technology in education by joining the Verizon Developer Community here.


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