Get Your App Discovered by More Customers with AppLuvr

By Robert Whitehead

AppLuvr on Verizon, a new platform that uses the power of a user’s social network to help them discover new applications, is now available in Verizon Apps. For mobile developers, Appluvr aids discoverability in an otherwise cluttered marketplace, by giving customers recommendations from the most effective sources: friends and experts. If someone loves your app, it’s quite possible their friends will too, so AppLuvr uses the Facebook API to connect customers with the apps that have been purchased by their friends. Your work will be seen and shared faster with a more targeted audience through personalized recommendations based on interests.

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AppLuvr also takes it a step beyond friend recommendations, by offering ideas and suggestions from Appolicious “experts” to introduce users to the latest breaking apps. In addition to this expert advice, AppLuvr provides a detail card for each app including likes, dislikes, comments and reviews, as well as ratings and screenshots to help customers in the decision making process.

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AppLuvr helps you organically market your app, through 1:1 merchandising that gets customers closer to finding your work. Furthermore, it is available on Android smartphones, tablets and in Verizon Apps and GooglePlay.

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