Mobile Payments

By Robert Whitehead
Mobile Payments

Mobile payment applications are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of payment on the go due to the simplicity and ease of the application. Just as credit cards ushered in a new era of paperless payment, mobile payment applications are poised to disrupt the payments industry by providing a simple to use, streamlined payment process, all via smartphone or tablet.

And while mobile payment adoption continues to grow at an exponential rate, vendors and developers alike are seeking out the best resources to quickly develop, test, and promote these highly useful apps.  

For the developers behind the mobile apps taking the market by storm, the VDC has both the tools and resources to help create connections between experts and developers seeking to accelerate their learning curve. 

“There have been several occasions where I’ve passed a vendor at my local farmer’s market with no cash in my pocket,” explains Alaia Williams, owner of One Organized Business, a small business that provides professional organizing services for companies. “But when those vendors use mobile payment systems such as Intuit® GoPayment,” she says, “I’ve made purchases that wouldn’t have happened if they were a cash-only operation.”
[Verizon Solutions Lab article]

Not only is every sale more convenient with Intuit® GoPayment, but Verizon allows for secure and speedy transaction processing over America's fastest 4G LTE network, as well as seamless back-end system integration with QuickBooks and major credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express across both Android and iPhone devices.

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