***This page has been removed from the VDC due to the Verizon Apps sunset. Feel free to browse our other development areas, devices, APIs and Tools.***  


IMPORTANT: Effective November 1st, 2012, the VDC no longer accepts new app Verizon App submissions. 

Transition Timeline

November 2012
  • We will notify Verizon customers that Verizon Apps is closing our apps storefront in January of 2013.
  • Apps that require a monthly license check will no longer work after the Verizon Apps client is removed from customer devices, so we will be removing those apps from the catalog early in the process to prevent further downloads. These include:

All "paid" apps using the license/in-app SDKs - including any apps sold with the following billing models:
o   Unlimited one-time
o   Per download
o   Usage based
o   Monthly subscription
o   All in-app contents
o  Apps not using the license/in-app SDKs but being sold for monthly subscription
o  "Licensed" free apps (i.e. free but using license checks)

  • The VDC will no longer accept new app submissions.
  • Final billing for all existing Subscriptions apps occurs. The customer will receive their full month of use & access, before Verizon begins removing the Verizon App client in Jan 2013.
December 2012
  • Monthly subscriptions will end on the customers renewal anniversary date.
January 2013
  • Removal of Verizon Apps starts from millions of devices in market.
  • VDC Go To Market for mobile applications shuts down – All New Registrations and Upgrades end.
  • Portal Developer Registrations and other VDC activity (e.g., access to Network APIs) will remain open.
Jan- March 2013
  • As millions of devices are updated and Verizon Apps is removed, downloads and licenses support stops.