Getting Started

Training Classes

Android has a wealth of public information available, below is a collection of links to help you get started:

  • Android SDK Download – It all starts with installing the Android SDK. Get access to the most updated version here.
  • Build Your First App -  All that you need to know on creating your first Android project, running your application for the first time, building a simple user interface and starting your activity.
  • Managing the Activity Lifecycle -  The key to creating a seamless UI is knowing how to utilize lifecycle callback methods. Learn about all the aspects of activity management (starting, pausing, resuming, stopping, restarting and recreating).
  • Supporting Different Devices – To monetize, it’s to your advantage to be on multiple devices. Learn how to support several devices using one APK.
  • Building a Dynamic UI with Fragments – Creating a flexible UI that can be used across both phones and tablets will be an important key to your success. Learn how to develop an interface that can support many form factors.