BlackBerry 10 Platform Choice

BlackBerry 10 is an open platform that provides a variety of development languages and runtimes designed to fit your skills.  Your choice will be based on a combination of the target device you wish to serve and your codebase familiarity.

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C/C++ Native SDK

The BlackBerry SDK supports many open standards to allow you to bring your existing app to the platform.  The dedicated resources provided means your app will be as close to the hardware as possible.

Check out the Native Beta Site.

C++/Qt Cascades

Cascades has been designed to allow you to easily build a BlackBerry native application using an entire framework integrated with core services which provide an astonishing user experience.

Check out the Cascades Site.

HTML5 WebWorks

Use your existing JavaScript/CSS/HTML skills to bring your app to existing smartphone, PlayBook and future BlackBerry 10 users.  Deeply integrate with core BlackBerry functionality.

Check out the WebWorks Site

ActionScriptAdobe® AIR®

If you have an existing game or app written in AIR that you are looking to bring to the PlayBook and future BlackBerry 10 platform, this is the choice for you.

Check out the Adobe AIR Site

Java Android Runtime

Port existing Android apps and games to PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 and expand your market.  Simple repackaging and distribution is available through App World.

Check out the Android Runtime Site

BlackBerry App World™ is Open for BlackBerry 10 Apps!

Reach over 75 million active BlackBerry subscribers and leverage services such as Advertising and Payment to fulfill your app’s full potential. Get the details. 

Submit your app for BlackBerry 10 to qualify for the $10K Developer Commitment.  Learn more about the $10K and Built for BlackBerry program.

BlackBerry Jam Community

Take part in the BlackBerry Developer Community by attending events, participating in support forums, and joining the conversation at BlackBerry Jam Zone.

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