***This page has been removed from the VDC due to the Verizon Apps shutdown. Feel free to browse our other development areas, devices, APIs and Tools.*** 


***NOTE: Effective November 1st, 2012, the VDC no longer accepts new Verizon App submissions. Additionally, beginning December 2012, final billing to customers for all existing Subscriptions and In-App Purchase apps will occur, and all paid Subscriptions and In-App Purchase API apps will be removed from the catalog on November 1st, 2012. Customers will receive a final full month of use & access, before Verizon Apps begins its complete shutdown in January 2013.

For additional details, please review the Verizon Apps Notice and Verizon Apps Transition Timeline.***

  • In-App Purchasing and Subscriptions is released as open source code.
  • Minimal coding required, Verizon Apps client performs bulk of work.
  • Flexibility
    • Items can be submitted with min-max price ranges to cover multiple offerings.
    • Micro-transaction options can be displayed in any format developers choose.
  • Security:
    • In-App purchases return server signed licenses using RSA encryption and API can be modified to send licenses from within an app to a remote server for further processing.
    • License validation applies to any price model including one-time downloads, subscriptions, even free apps.
  • Price options:
    • When submitting a Subscriptions only app:
      • Parent app price model can include recurring monthly Subscription pricing, One-time download, Time Based (1-30 days), Free, and Trials.
    • When submitting a Subscriptions app with In-App capability:
      • Parent app price model can include One-time download and Free.
    • In-App items can have Per Download, Unlimited Download, Time Based (1-30 Days), or Monthly Subscription price types.

This guide breaks down the submission and coding requirements into sections that are specific to either Subscriptions or In-App Purchasing.  Developers have the option to submit apps that take advantage of both pieces of functionality and are encouraged to fully adopt all aspects of the SDK in their apps.  Since the In-App API uses the Subscriptions license for validation of In-App purchases, it will be helpful to familarize yourself with both aspects of the SDK. 

The In-App Purchase SDK will be released only on Android devices, RIM is not supported although that functionality may be added in the future.  RIM developers can still reference and download the previous iteration of the Subscriptions SDK and documentation from the VDC portal under the Platform-> V Cast Apps for Blackberry->Subscriptions API->SDK and Source link.