***This page has been removed from the VDC due to the Verizon Apps shutdown. Feel free to browse our other development areasdevicesAPIs and Tools.***


***NOTE: Effective November 1st, 2012, the VDC no longer accepts new Verizon App submissions. Additionally, beginning December 2012, final billing to customers for all existing Subscriptions and In-App Purchase apps will occur, and all paid Subscriptions and In-App Purchase API apps will be removed from the catalog on November 1st, 2012. Customers will receive a final full month of use & access, before Verizon Apps begins its complete shutdown in January 2013.

For additional details, please review the Verizon Apps Notice and Verizon Apps Transition Timeline.***


Application keywords are critical to proper operation of the SDK for both In-App purchases and Subscriptions.  Calls to check validity of a license require the application keyword and purchases of In-App content must reference the keyword along with the unique developer defined SKU. 

Each application in Verizon Apps has a unique keyword that is provided by the developer during submission.  If you have forgotten the keyword you can look it up in the VDC Portal at any time, simply select the app you want, select a device, and click the “Info” tab.  Refer to the screenshot below: