Verizon is eager to provide our customers with a wealth of compelling applications to enhance their handset user-experience. Currently, around half of the Verizon Wireless customer base has either a Brew or Brew MP-enabled wireless phone. Customers on these handsets use the Brew applications store from Verizon Wireless to download apps onto their handset.

Our goal is to provide a marketplace in which our customers have access to the broadest selection of applications from the best application developers. To this end, we are actively seeking high quality applications to make available to our subscribers.

Through the application store installed on every Brew and Brew MP handset, our customers can browse a catalog of applications, purchase them, and download them over the air. The charges are passed directly to our customers' wireless bills and developers share in the revenues generated from the purchase of each application. Developers are expected to follow content guidelines, and applications must meet certification standards, but Brew is open to all, and Verizon is open for business.