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  4. Multiple distribution options including the Android marketplace, iPhone App Store, and Brew.
  5. Use the new coupon API to add a new stream of revenue
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SearchKit groups all of the search functionality in NBI into a single API. All of the premium data search methods that were available in MapKit in previous versions of NBI such as: gas prices, movie show times, weather, etc… can now be found in SearchKit. SearchKit also introduces a new feature called single search. Single search combines POI and address search into a unified functionality. Single search enables users to enter search strings for specific POIs, POI categories (such as restaurants), addresses, or airports without having to specify the type of search they wish to perform. The single search feature is intelligent enough to discern the user’s intent and return the correct information. SearchKit also provides an API that makes it easy for you to present suggestions to your users as they enter information into a search box. These suggestions are relevant to the text the user has entered as well as their current location. SearchKit is only available on the iOS and Android platforms. NBI search functionality is unchanged on the RIM and Brew platforms. See the SearchKit API Reference for more information.


To get more details on the differences between SearchKit and Local Search, click here.


Apps you create using the Android NBI SDK will now run on the Kindle Fire. You can now use NBI and the Wi-Fi location capability on the Kindle Fire tablet to add: maps, search, and mobile coupons and deals to your Kindle Fire apps.


NAVBuilder Inside (NBI) provides the simplest and fastest way to add Location-Based Services to your apps for free.

Develop great maps, search, directions, and navigation apps on Android, Blackberry, BREW and iOS today using NBI’s Mapkit, LocationKit, and the VZ Navigator API.

It couldn’t be easier to build great LBS apps with your ideas.


If we know anything about developers, it's that you want the latest mobile phone platforms and the most ground-breaking technology. And you have strong opinions about which features you can't live without. Enter NAVBuilder Inside. At last, you now have access to a complete set of tools for building interactive and high- performing LBS applications. NBI is built on the foundation of VZ Navigator®, a successful cross-platform maps and navigation product since 2006.


GeoQpons Logo

GeoQpons is a rapidly growing mobile coupon app that empowers consumers to save significant dollars at their favorite local and national retailers.  Available for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices, the free-to-download app contains more offers than any other mobile coupon application today with savings available from more than 280 brands - in more than 100,000 locations across the United States.

Flixwagon Logo

Flixwagon is a fully-customizable mobile broadcasting application, covering a broad spectrum of mobile phones, which fully integrates live video broadcast into users' social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), allowing the broadcaster and viewers to interact and share views, comments, and feedback.

Geodelic Logo

Geodelic is a mobile phone application which provides detailed, location-relevant information to users based on their location. Using Geodelic, users can unlock location-relevant information for wherever they are in the world, including businesses, theme parks, restaurants, and other points of interest.


Glympse is a way to share your location with anyone for a specified period of time. Glympse is easier and faster than a phone call or text message. Simply select a contact, set a duration, and hit send. Anyone with an Internet-enabled phone or computer can receive a Glympse. You can send a Glympse to a specific person, several people, or even to Facebook and Twitter.

Verizon Messages

Verizon Messages is a product enhancement to wireless messaging that provides a new messaging client to deliver an improved and more competitive messaging experience for customers.  Users can share their location or a place of interest with others by simply attaching it to their message. Select from current location, location by address, search near me, etc.  Using Group Conversation, users can share messages with multiple people which are stored in the same conversation thread.


MindBody is a software company specializing in fitness solutions via business management software, merchant account processing, and mobile apps.  A recognized industry leader for yoga and pilates. MindBody features  a catalog of separate smartphone apps for Pilates, Yoga, Fitness, and Spa, MindBody’s mission is to leverage technology to improve the health and wellness of the world.


LiveCast Duetto is a hybrid between live 2-way video conferencing and traditional video streaming for mobile phones. Users can authorize certain specific viewers to view their live video streams, and they can also engage in real-time, live chat for instant communication between remote users.


Mobile Recovery’s service allows a user to remotely lock their device, wipe contacts, and sound an alarm on their handset.  Mobile Recovery is free and available for Android, BlackBerry, and  Brew devices.


Dex Mobile brings fully searchable business and community information to the user’s mobile device. Dex identifies the user’s location and then displays nearby points of interest, including gas, movies, restaurants, and taxis. Dex Mobile also features full search, map, and share capabilities.


Zagat is the world’s leading provider of trusted and accurate restaurant quality ratings, providing curated reviews and ratings for over 30,000 top restaurants worldwide. Their mobile app features ratings, reviews, location maps, and turn-by-turn directions.