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About the Verizon Network API

At Verizon, we’re dedicated to providing developers with a good deal of useful and valuable information they need to infuse web applications and services with the unique features supported by the core Verizon Network API platform.

We do this by supplying you with powerful Network APIs all operating behind a single, unified Network endpoint gateway. This gateway provides a convenient point of access for integrating web applications that make use of many Verizon APIs – creating a whole new generation of technology that leverages the nexus of mobile applications, web services, and the Verizon Network.

As a significant provider in the field of carrier APIs, we've created a compelling list of reasons for using the Verizon Network API:

Why use the Verizon Network API

For years, ubiquitous location as a service has loomed as a promise on the horizon -- powerful, but just out of reach. Its now possible to obtain the location of ALL handsets in North America, including both feature and smart-phone devices using:

Verizon's Network API Partners

Since Verizon opened its network, the company has built a vibrant community of companies that have submitted successful network API applications. We've provided a list of successful on-boarded applications:

Verizon Featured Applications